Success for domestic companies with foreign roots

Railroad track layer at Minnesund in Norway

When the Norwegian government tripled its investment in railway projects and deregulated the market for construction projects, there was a high increase in the demand for railway contractors. It also opened doors for companies outside the Norwegian borders to contribute in construction projects on the Norwegian track.

Swedish efficiency on Norwegian soil
Infranord Norway is a subsidiary of Sweden's leading railway contractor, Infranord AB, with 3,000 employees and a market share of 45 percent. Through the cooperation with Sweden Infranord Norway can offer their Norwegian customers high competence, excellent human resources and a large machine park at a very competitive price.
- Sweden helps us with tenders, machinery, materials and resources. It streamlines our work considerably, says Roar Solhaug, CEO of Infranord Norway AS.
- It goes without saying that it makes sense to use all the experience and resources a company has access to. As the winter season is quiet in all Scandinavian countries, we can save money by adjusting the number of personnel according to the seasons.
Since the start in Norway in 2011, the company has achieved great success. The first mission was carried out by one of the most congested routes; between Oslo and Hamar. A 60 km long double track will be straightened out, thereby reducing travel time by half an hour each way. In 2011 Infranord Norway delivered the preparatory work, such as drilling for foundation and relocation of electricity poles.
In 2012 Infranord Norway prepared track adjustment for Jernbaneverket in Southern, Eastern and Western Norway, and further built tracks and drilling for foundation at Eidsvoll station to increase the railway's capacity.
During 2014 Infranord Norway has worked on 12,3 kms double tracks in a tunnel between Holme and Nykirke on the Vestfold line.
- We can handle most jobs. In Kiruna in northern Sweden, we have established rail down the mine wintertime. Being able to build the railway of 1,365 meters depth is very advanced railway technology, and to work in a company that can contribute so much to the railway network in Norway is incredibly fun, says Solhaug.