Careers and development

​Be a part off the future - be one off us

The advantage of being a large company is that there are all kinds of opportunity for development and change. If you feel like moving, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to switch employer. We are located and active throughout Sweden and Norway. If you wish to move on, there are great development and training opportunities. You don't have to be certain today of what you wish to do tomorrow. We'll find the path together.

It is also about developing into your profession. This happens together with experienced colleagues and through further training. If you are a skilled worker today, you might be a local manager tomorrow. You might realise that you work better on your own or feel that teamwork is the key to job satisfaction.

We invest in our staff and spend 70 000 hours on training every year. We have a leadership program, a number of different training courses and a safety week training course which involves all employees once a year.

Every year we carry out a survey to find out what our employees think. What we mainly look at is job satisfaction and leadership. It is important for us to constantly check the temperature of how we are all feeling and use the information to keep improving.


If you have any questions, please contact your personel specialist in your region.

Region South (Sweden)
Hanna Baric
Phone +46 10 121 39 35
Linnea Svahn
Phone +46 10 121 71 45
Sofi Sjöblom 
Phone +46 10 121 39 38

Region North (Sweden)
Jan Broberg
Phone +46 10 121 43 12
Sofia Plym Arkert
Phone +46 10 121 43 77
Pia Svanbeck
Phone +46 10 121 43 15

Infranord Machine Unit
Timea Szabo
Phone +46 10 121 41 07

Anne Brundin
Phone +46 10 121 24 90

Headoffice/Meausure department
Anne Brundin
Phone +46 10 121 24 90