Other activities

​​Infranord has an extensive assembly of machinery adapted for the railway. With our technologically advanced test vehicles, we are able to carry out various types of test on behalf of our clients. We also have six of our own workshops carrying out, for example, the manufacture of electrical and signalling equipment.

Big yellow railroad track layer

Infranord's assembly of machinery consists of various track-bound vehicles and other technical equipment adapted for rail-related projects. For example, we have machines for track and point direction, mechanical vegetation management and transporters, as well as special machinery for things such as ballast cleaning, track replacement and point installations. We provide all types of mechanical services for construction projects and maintenance of rail networks.
Infranord has a special unit for mechanical testing services and non-destructive testing (NDT) in both Sweden and Norway.

Infranord builds equipment for signal engineering and manufactures prefabricated railway products in its workshops in Nässjö in Sweden.

Infranord's railway vehicles and machinery are also maintained in our workshops.