Important track assignment for Kiruna´s future

Two railroad tracks in mining tunnels

Infranord is building a completely new railway line at the new mine level at the Kiruna mine, as well as the new construction of a railway line west of the community and the Kiruna mine.

LKAB has been mining ore in Kiruna since 1890. Ever since then, the State mining company has played an important role in the development of the city. The co-operation between Kiruna and L KAB still continues today. L KAB is now set to establish a new main level in the mine, and this means that a large portion of Kiruna's city centre will find itself in an area at risk of landslides – and therefore has to be moved.

Infranord has won two assignments in Kiruna during 2011, both above and below ground.

At the request of the Swedish Transport Adminstration, Infranord is constructing a new section of railway west of Kiruna, approximately 17 km in length. The new track is replacing the old track south of the city, which is now in the landslide risk zone.

Infranord is also building track down in the mine on L KAB's behalf, 1,365 metres below ground. Planning and logistics are particularly important in the work below ground, as several vital work processes take place in small, confined areas.