Maintenance in the border region

The Öresund bridge in the evening
This is needed because the load on the track is high all day round; both frequent passenger traffic and international freight transports operate here.

Investments in maintenance make a great difference for safe and punctual train services. Preventive measures result, moreover, in lower costs for maintenance in the long run. Large parts of our assignment on the Öresund Link were decided from the start. For example, we wash the entire four kilometre tunnel every year. Among other things, by keeping the rails and the fastenings clean, we guarantee reliable and safe train services.

Our assignment also includes continuously overhauling the railway and suggesting what should be done to keep it in good condition. For example, we have replaced the presence detection systems in the tunnel with an axle-counter system that provides reliable information about the location of the trains on the track. In total, we have helped to reduce the faults on the Öresund Bridge by 40 percent.

Infranord's assignment is particularly demanding since Denmark and Sweden, apart from different laws and regulations, also have different railway technologies.

For example, the Danish overhead line is 25 kilovolt, compared to Sweden's 16 kilovolt.

The 16 kilometre long Öresund Link was opened in July 2000. The owner, and Infranord's client, is the Öresund Bridge Consortium, which is jointly owned equally by the Swedish state, via Svedab, and the Danish state via A/S Øresund.