Solid prefabrication that saves time and money

Infranord Component's manufactures, renovates and installs a number of products, components and turnkey solutions that are specifically for railways. The winners are both our customers and the environment.​

Technician working with prefabricated materials

Infranord Components is active in two different business areas, Component and Prefab. The area Component manages the call off agreements with our largest customer in Sweden, the Swedish Transport Administration, and it prefabricates overhead line products and other mechanical products. In the area Prefab, we prefabricate products and provide installation services for electricity, signalling and telecommunications to railway owners.

Shorter lead times and less disruptive time on the track
To save time and money for our customers, our objective is to complete as many of the products as possible in the workshop in Nässjö with the help of prefabrication.

In the area technical buildings and cabinets, the advantage is that we build and deliver a product that, in principle, is ready to use complete with technology such as electricity, signalling and telecommunications for the rail sector.

We are specialists in getting the various technical areas to work together in technical buildings. Our own design department has long experience of the products and we have developed, over many years, standard solutions that comply with all the requirements in this area.

By means of follow up and feedback, we implement continuous improvements in collaboration with our customers. In this way, we save you many, long and expensive hours of installation out on the track.

For customers of mechanically assembled products, we can provide, thanks to a very efficient production process, cost-efficient and high quality alternatives such as cantilevers and droppers for overhead lines. We also manufacture mechanical products for the rail sector; where we can mention cabinets for electrical and signalling equipment as well as overhead line masts.

Installation, inspection and commissioning
We ensure that your receive the right quality by testing and inspecting all products and solutions prior to delivery. In the technical area Signalling, we can also take part in the inspection prior to entry into service thanks to our authorised inspectors. Moreover, for some product areas we can take the total responsibility, from projecting to commissioning the complete plant; electrical remote control is one such area. We also have authorised inspectors in this area.

Making old as good as new
An important part of Infranord Components' business is renovating a number of different railway products to make them as good as new again. Two good examples are renovation of used signals and point machines. Another product that we make good use of is motor-drive mechanisms.  Our experienced specialists sand-blast, paint and replace all worn parts and electrical cabling according to the latest industry standard. Moreover, we develop innovative solutions to protect railway products on the track. One much appreciated example is sabotage protection for signals.

With regard to the environment
We leave nothing to chance. Making good use of worn out products that can be renovated in an environmentally sound way stands to reason. One example of this is the spiral brakes for marshalling brake systems, which consist of a quantity of different metals and oil. Instead of scrapping the worn out brakes, they can be renovated and the oil is reused as far as possible. We also look after electronics and relays and save parts that can be reused later. Waste that cannot be reused is sorted and treated in an environmentally sound way.