​​Infranord is the leading organisation in Sweden within the area of operation and maintenance of railway systems.

Two technicians work with the railroad tracks

Our strongest competitive advantage is our unique knowledge of the Swedish railway systems, a high technical competence, strong focus on safety issues and a well-equipped assembly of machinery with a good geographic coverage.

Infranord works on producing innovative solutions for the railways and on driving infrastructure forward. We have expanded our assembly of machinery to ensure that the right resources are available. We have also drawn up an action plan for the prevention of train disruptions. The package solution is called SpårEffekt (TrackEffect) and has been tailor-made around preventative actions that can contribute to fewer disruptions during the winter.

Through particularly careful inspections, we can provide the track owner with information about what actions are necessary on a facility. This could, for example, be a point and track replacement, track direction or rail and sleeper replacement; work that Infranord can help with.

As the largest organisation on the supplier side, Infranord is well equipped for new projects. Infranord has at its disposal the necessary resources, good knowledge of the railway systems across the country and works proactively to define upcoming needs. 

Infranord has a uniform working method across all regions. It aims to increase efficiency and ensure that our clients receive the same quality and service regardless of where in the country the work is carried out. This increases flexibility and improvements can be carried out faster. Our clients notice this through the fast arrival times of staff relocated from other projects.