Our environmental work

The basis for our goal-oriented environmental and quality work is the insight that it benefits Infranord's development and leads to the constant improvement of our business.
Infranord provides service and maintenance as well as new construction and refurbishment of the railways within the technical areas of track, electrical, signalling and telecommunications.

• All of our employees have a responsibility for the environment and quality in their everyday work and all employees should be involved in the environmental and quality issues through training and dialogue.
• We work actively with reducing our environmentally-impacting emissions into the air, ground and water from vehicles and machines.
• Our quality work should contribute to fewer train and traffic disruptions.
• We meet the relevant client and societal demands and follow the applicable regulations.
• We have an active cooperation in environmental and quality issues with clients, suppliers and other relevant parties.

Environmental certifications
Our work with environmental issues is structured and goal-oriented. For example, we draw up environmental plans for our work and have routines for the handling of hazardous waste and chemicals. Our environmental work is constantly being improved, through things like investments in new vehicles and machinery with lower emissions.
Infranord is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001. The environmental awareness of our employees is high and we take it for granted that all applicable environmental regulations must be followed and that we will identify and prevent risks of environmental impact early on in our work. We also strive to constantly minimise emissions into our countryside.
Infranord is quality certified according to ISO 9001:2000. Through documented working methods, orderliness and good planning, we provide the right quality, at the right time and for the agreed price.