Sustainability CSR

Infranord builds and maintains railways. We do this so that people and freight can be moved quickly, safely and with a limited impact on the environment. Our clients, employees, owners and the general public demand that this important operation is run with consideration for people and the environment. We also demand the same of our suppliers and contractors.

Infranord provides significant value
What all related parties have in common is the expectation that Infranord will provide services with a consideration for people and the environment.

For our clients, it is essential that Infranord provides services at the right time, for the right price and of a high quality. Part of the quality and delivery assurance is also that the work is carried out with as little impact on the environment as possible.


For our employees, existing and future, it is important that Infranord is an attractive employer. Not least, it is about making it possible for employees to carry out their duties safely. In addition, the working climate should be characterised by job satisfaction, good leadership and good development opportunities.

Infranord's work contributes to fast, safe and environmentally-adapted transportation. However, it is inevitable that the operation will have a certain impact on the environment. Above all, it is about greenhouse gas emissions from machinery and vehicles, as well as the handling of chemicals and waste. Therefore, Infranord carries out systematic efforts to reduce environmental impact. The goal is to reduce emissions into the air, ground and water, as well as constantly streamlining resource use. The focus is on reducing fuel consumption and, as a result, carbon dioxide emissions from machines and vehicles. In addition, Infranord strives to recycle as much material as possible to minimise waste from the operation. It is mainly about metals, such as iron, copper and aluminium, as well as packaging and electronic scrap. Hazardous waste, such as waste oil, sludge from oil traps and large batteries are sent for recycling. Infranord has a workshop in Sweden that reuses and manufactures railway parts.