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Infranord privacy policy

Visit to (cookie policy)
On we are using cookies from third party to track and adjust the content and for future advertising. The information is not saved by Infranord but by the suppliers of the ad plattforms such as Google and Facebook. More information about Infranords cookie policy can be found here.

When you send an email to Infranord
Emails that are sent to employees of Infranord or to any of Infranords general accounts (such as are saved together with all emails to and from addresses.

If you send a job application that contains a CV or other personal information then that will be saved by Infranords HR department. That information will not be used for anything other purpose then what it is for when sent – job application, invoicing, trainings (SL) and you will not contacted by Infranord under any other circumstances.

When giving personal information on a contact sheet
When you sign a contact sheet (for example at events) Infranord will only use the contact information for the purpose given at the time and only save it for the time given at that same time. Infranord will always handle your personal information in accordance with the law.

If you have any furture questions regarding about how email or your personal information is handled you can contact responsible person at Infranord Per Brandt via email